Guides & undo

Please, count moved guides to undo operation.
I don’t know for what reason they are not undoable in the first place.
I believe I’m not the only one who sometimes move them by mistake
and it is really annoying to bring them back where they belong.

Locking positions is not an elegant solution to this problem.

Ditto. I noticed this yesterday. Version 1.4.5 (612) os x 10.10

This bug has affected global guides for years. I gave up on it ever being fixed.

I explained this a couple of times. There is not way to add global (red) guides to the undo. The undo is per glyph, but the guides are font based. So if I add the undo the active glyph, then you move the same guide in an other, go back to the first one and undo: What should happen?

If I move something (e.g. guide) in InDesign on page 16. It will moved on all of the pages. Globaly.
If I press Cmd Z after, it will jump back to the position it were.
On all of the pages.
Undo = last operation one step back.
Whatever this operation was.
Simple as that.

But Indesign has only one global undo. If you change something on page 1, go to page 1000, hit undo and it will undo on page 1. Simple as that.