Guilsinglleft and guilsinglright not typing anything

I’m almost done creating my font, but for some reason the guilsinglleft and guilsinglright aren’t working when I type. The comma and period functions (using those same keys) work fine, but for some reason, when I press shift to change to the guilsing, nothing happens. Any insights? Thank you!

How are you testing your fonts? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

I’m just typing in the actual Glyphs program. When I type shift + those keys, nothing happens.

What Unicodes are assigned to them?

It says 2039 for the left one and 203A for the right

Which keyboard layout are you using? Shift-period/comma will produce colon/semicolon on a US keyboard.

Mine is comma or shift guilsinglleft and the right one is period or shift guilsinggright. This is a Mac keyboard for a desktop mac

they’re both located directly to the right of the M key

What keyboard layout do you use?

And does the same keystrokes do type the right characters in a text field e.g. the Generate Glyphs (Cmd+Shift+G) dialog? And if does, what happens if you then press “Generate”?

I’m sorry, I’m new to glyphs. I don’t understand what you’re asking me?

To explain:

Keyboard layout is what you set in system settings. Which one are you using? US?

What happens when you type the exact same keystrokes in a different context, I recommend you try it TextEdit.

Those might be less/greater symbols on the US keyboard. Guilsingles seem to be hidden under shift + option + 3 and 4.

Try copy-pasting these:
Guils: ‹ › « »
Greater/less: < >