Gurmukhi combining marks issue

Hello! I have a question about Gurmukhi, specifically some issues I’m having with the combining marks.

For example, I’ve designed the letter “sa” with the needed anchors:

Glyphs will use the anchors along with the nukta mark to create “sha”, no problem:

However, I tried copying and pasting some Gurmukhi text into Illustrator to test the font, and I see this:

This is odd. I tried copying the letter from Illustrator and pasted into a “Add Glyphs…” dialog in Glyphs, and it created a new letter, “sa_nukta-gurmukhi”:

I re-exported the font to see if it looked correct in Illustrator, but nothing changed.

I noticed that if I added the Devanagari nukta, Glyphs autogenerated a new OpenType feature called “nukt”. However, it only displays information regarding the Devanagari nukta, but nothing about Gurmukhi:

Might this have something to do with the misbehaving nukta in Gurmukhi? Or have I maybe just missed something obvious I need to fix? I don’t think the issue is with Illustrator, as Arial Unicode seems to be displaying the nukta properly. Thanks!

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the illustrator file?

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That is a problem with Illustrator, not your font. In Illustrator, open Preferences > Type. There is a section called “Language Options”, select the “Show Indic Options”.

Then, select your text and in the extra menu, you find an option “Middle Eastern and South East Asian … Composer”. Select it and the nukta will work correctly.

You’re a life safer, @GeorgSeifert. Thank you!

P.S. If you’re using the English Middle Eastern version of Illustrator, you don’t need to turn on Indic Options. They’re already enabled and you can skip to the second step.