Had a lot of crashes re-naming glyphs

Had a lot of Glyphs3 app crashes yesterday when changing font names. It seemed to happen a lot but not always when changing the name of a glyph that showed up when searching for a glyph in the search box, editing the subset of glyphs that appeared. Not sure how often or if it happened at all when editing the glyph name in the main glyph tab showing all glyphs.

Note: I was renaming glyphs in a Font that was newly created and populated with an app using glyph.copy() to create new copies of the glyphs and there were approx 200 glyphs in the file, that took the name originally from the source font and assigned to the new copy via the API. The renaming that triggered the crash was manual by clicking the name of the glyph in the Font tab and typing over the old name.

Have you send crash reports? (the ones that come up when you restart the app). And what version of the app do you have?

I have 3.0.4 (3108)

I sent in a lot of the crash reports at the beginning, but not 100% positive I got the ones from the renaming of glyphs. Are they archived somewhere? If they’re archived I can reproduce it, I’ll send another one.

Please always send them when thy come up, even if it the same cause. And add a tiny note if possible. That helps a lot.

And can you try the latest cutting-edge version (activate it in Preferences > Updates > Check cutting edge versions.)

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