Hand tool in text window

When I kern my fonts, I generally insert my own kerning strings in the text window. I use the hand tool a lot to move from string to string quickly, but right now I need to go to the top tool bar, select the hand tool and use it.
It also works when I just click the space bar (which is what I’m used to), but every time I use the space bar to get the hand tool, it adds a space in my text.

Any way to quickly grab the hand tool using the space bar and NOT adding a space to my strings???

and yes, I did real the manual. No word on this.

See section 4.7.2 in the handbook:


:roll_eyes: Ok, you have me there. It seems like I mistook the ‘learning’ section on the Glyphs site for the actual handbook (from day 1…). Sorry, my bad

@Florian - Soooo, I tried the cmd-space option. It opens a spotlight search on my iMac and it doesn’t give me a hand tool.

See the tip in the section.

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hahaha! I missed that completely!

The same trick (cmd+Space > Space) used to work in Adobe apps. But they broke it.