HandBook for Arabic Typeface

HandBook for Arabic Typeface
It’s an idea that, many people would love to buy Glyphs, but they need a Handbook for how To create arabic typeface (Full) and how to use the software, and I’m Waiting now two years to get the training from Grapheast, but nothing happen.

as a help for everyone if you can release a Handbook for How to create Arabic typeface will be better.

Another handbook would exceed my capacities, and I am not sure if that makes sense for this purpose. Rather a series of handouts.

But there are tutorials on this website, a slightly dated tutorial video in the Getting Started section, and there are frequent workshops at Tashkeel in Dubai, an advanced one coming up in October. See the Blog for details.

for the workshop i should pay AED 5500! it should be available in your web site like the english handbook.
let me know your feedback

Or more Video Tutorials if available.
please let know time to start


(1) Even if we were to release a separate download just for Arabic type design, it would still be in English. (2) The handbook available for download applies to Arabic type design as well.

So, what is it that you want to know?

I have just been pointed to that there may be a misunderstanding. There are two aspects of type design.

The first aspect is which decisions you take as a type designer, i.e., which glyphs you draw, which kerning pairs you produce, which groups and classes, and what OpenType features you add to your font, etc.

The second aspect is the technical solution for these things, i.e., how you use which tool to achieve all those things you decided to do.

We can tell you about aspect two, and that is also what the handbook, and all those tutorials are about. What we cannot/should not do for you is aspect one (or, at best, to a very limited extent). And I am sure that, when it comes to Arabic design, you can tell us more than we could tell you.

Ok Mr. mekkablue,

sure i will check if i need any help i will let you know

Thanks a lot for your feedback


where can i download the handbook in portuguese ???

We don’t have a handbook in Portuguese.