Handbook Glyphs 2.3

We just uploaded the latest edition of the Handbook, including the latest enhancements of version 2.3.
You can download it on the Get Started page.



Hello, the downloadable handbook is version 2.3, however the app is now version 2.6.4 .
I see some things have changed (e.g. Axes coordinates isn’t documented), is there a plan to release an updated handbook?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Handbook: not for Glyphs 2 anymore. The difference in axis handling is the biggest UI change though.

Changes are documented in the blog posts of the releases and the tutorials, e.g., in the Variable Font tutorial.

The blog posts for releases and the tutorials can fill in some of the missing spots, in the meanwhile.

For example, axes coordinates and the 2.6.5 Axis Mappings parameter should be in the Creating a Variable Font tutorial.

Thank you gentlemen :slight_smile: