Handles constrained

Hello! I am probably missing something but my curved node handles seem to become locked/constrained to an angle for some reason (not sure why its happening) and then I cannot unlock them. I can move them along the angle, but not off of that axis. Any help would be great, I cant figure it out! Thanks!

If the other side of the handle is a straight line, then the handle might be locked to that angle. This can be changed if you change the node type of the on-curve point to corner; the root node of the handle should be looking round and green now, double-click or select and hit return key to turn to square blue.

Thank you! I will try this. Also, sometimes the node seems to become locked as a blue square and will not change to a green circle with either double-clicking or selecting and typing enter… any way to change it when that happens? Thanks again!

Also, I tried the fix that you mentioned, and on this particular node I am able to switch from a square to a circle node, but when I switch back and forth the green node still only has one handle, instead of two, and the hand is still constrained. Is there a way to add two handles back to that node?

See page 19 of the documentation, here: