Handling UFO files in GlyphsApp warning message


When handling with UFOS in Glyphs, generated by GlyphsApp I get this warning, and it takes a while to go away.

Some help here?

I just tried. It was quite quick to reload for me. How was the file changed?

Then that means I should reload it?
It was always asking for more things. But I will do it again.

It should only asked that if some other app had changed the file. Do you store the file in Dropbox?

Yes, I do. I work directly. Is that a conflict?

My question was, did you do something in another app that changed the .ufo content or was is caused by dropbox itself?

I didn’t use any other app. Probably just a dropbox thing, from saving the file or moving it to a different folder.

Because of the large number of internal files, Dropbox syncs can take forever for UFOs. It’s so bad, some people will say UFO is incompatible with Dropbox. Bottomline: Don’t use Dropbox for sharing UFOs.