Handwritten font questions


Few similar topics have been created already, but I have some additional questions.

I’m trying to create an handwritten typeface with Advanced Contextual Alternates. So far so good I read your tutorial and I managed to create all my alternate style :+1:

I scanned my typeface, exported all my assets as .png. (They’re big for scalability) I then named them .ss01, .ss02, and so on for the glyphs variations.

So far everything is fine. However I have some technical questions I can’t really answer myself:

  1. Because I want to retain the texture within my typeface I don’t want to vectorise my scans. I did read few things about bitmap font but I don’t know if it’s relevant for me. (I also don’t understand it)

  2. Is there a way I can simply export my typeface from glyphs with my png(s)? I know glyphs doesn’t support png at export, but is there a way around it?

  3. I’m worried about loading time on web/mobile. I don’t want to create a type that weights 5mb. Am I doing it right? Or am I going to have an issue at the end?


Look for the tutorial about sbix. But i don’t recommend it for a handwritten typeface.

When you like to keep the texture you can do that by making a “color” font as those support bitmaps. If you think about making a webfont, you need to produce version with downsampled image. I would produce versions for several sizes that the user can select quality vs file size.