Hard to learn because can't undo destructive actions

Update: Ok, weird. It locked up and I had to restart it. Found keyboard shortcut for editing glyph (CMD+down arrow) and now undo is working for bezier adjustments and I’m seeing tooltips for the item that destroyed my glyph previously. I’m on an M1 Max MacBook Pro running MacOS Monterey latest update.

I’m finding I click things that don’t have tooltips to know what they are in the palette. Tool tips are extremely important and should be with every icon, especially destructive ones! I clicked one, then my work disappears, it’s replaced with a grey image and I can’t hit undo to get my work back!

And also I can’t undo bezier modifications. And finally the palette that should let me draw a circle or box has all the icons greyed out. No idea why or where to look.

Inconsistent tool tips and sporadic availability of ‘undo’, is simply something I’m not used to in any good graphics (or other app) and I think it’s an essential feature. Further I’m having a hard time finding basic documentation for all the widgets.

What destructive tools do you mean?

I clicked one of the lower icons in the transformations palette, for a example, remove overlap or subtract selected or intersect selected, my vectors disappeared and were replaced with a gray background pixel image and I could not get my work back with undo, for example.

Then the app was in a bad state. That happens. But usually undo should work in those situations. If it happens again it would be great if you can describe the steps you did to break it.