"Has Annotations" predicate not working?

I thought my caroncomb italic looked disgusting, so I added a text annotation saying “This looks disgusting” so I’d remember to come back. I immediately tried to add a Smart Filter with Has Annotations: Yes.

It shows zero glyphs. I go back into caroncomb, the annotation is still there. I set the Smart Filter to Has Annotations: No, and every glyph in the font, including caroncomb, is there. Change the filter back, restart app, same problem. Either I misunderstand something or I think this is a bug.

Glyphs 3.0.5 (3112)
macOS 12.0.1

I just tried this and it does work. Do you see the annotations symbol in font view?

Oh, I see what’s going on. They only appear if I’m looking at the master with the annotation before choosing that filter. If I click the filter while looking at Regular, switching to Italic does not make it appear. But If I choose Italic with no filter, clicking the filter shows it as expected.

So I guess this is a request to make the toolbar buttons for the masters refresh the current filter view, though I think it’d also be nice to be able to configure a filter to consider all masters instead of just the current one.

EDIT: But then immediately after replying, I see that someone might find it useful to switch masters based on the filter view for a different one. Tricky.