Has anyone tried the new Macbook Air working with Glyphs?

I’m considering to update my laptop (Macbook Pro Mid 2010 w/ SSD & 16Gb Ram and recently some scares moments) and I’ll like to know if anyone has experience working in Glyphs (with 4 or 6 masters, instances, +1000 glyphs) on a new Macbook Air (2020). I readed about the overheating problem in this model but as far as I know it happens mostly editing video or big sizes file.

Thanks and hope everyone it’s safe and healthy!

I don’t think that will be a problem. It might throttle a bit but will not overheat (that would mean it would switch itself off). It seems to be a bit louder than the previous model when under heavy load. I don’t expect that Glyphs will cause such a heavy load.

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