Has anything changed recently regarding how custom sidebar entries are written?

I have been trying to rewrite an old language entry I had a few months ago, but I am currently unable to get it to show up in the sidebar or in the language entry menu.

Looking at past threads or the guide has unfortunately not worked, and I am therefore quite unsure on what is actually going wrong.
Has the folder they should be placed in been changed, or are there any issues in the beta versions preventing them from working?

	languages = (
			name = Test;
			icon = FigureTemplate;
			predicate = "script == \"latin\"";
			subGroup = (
					name = Basic;
					default = YES;
					list = (

A reduced and modified version of the template I am currently using.

The code you pasted works out of the box:


I saved it as ~/Library/Application/Support/Glyphs 3/Info/Groups-test.plist and restarted Glyphs.

~/Library/Application/Support/Glyphs 3/Info/Groups-test.plist or ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/info/? The first path didn’t exist on my pc, so I had to add that manually.

I have put the required files in both paths but nothing shows up at the moment. Could it be an issue caused by an older OS version?

Is there an alternative folder I could test putting it in?

You need to store the code in a new file with the path as mentioned by @mekkablue

I am not sure what exactly I am doing wrong then.


Nothing shows up in the language picker.

Uppercase “Info”.

Ah, so that was the error. Thanks, it works perfectly now.