Has Components List Filter Parameter

This list parameter should be for the first master only. As I’ve advocated in the past, these filters should only work per master (but I acknowledge the developer’s objections regarding the list changing between masters…), however at least setting it for the first master let’s me filter by masters through the extra step of shifting masters around.

You mean the selected master?

Well yes but I’ve put this forward before and you guys didn’t think it was a good idea so at least I’d like it to be consistent with the other filters to be able to filter for one master (i…e the first)… I work often on files where I need to find which glyphs have components, or paths, or both, or any, for example.

I’ll take this further: it might be nice to have a checkbox that enables filtering, for any filter, only of the selected master. When doing brute force QA it can makes sense to sort by all masters. But if you have to clean up after merging files it might make sense to work on one master at a time.

Smart Filters should be Master specific? got shut down!

The question is if a script is not better in that case. Because, think of color, brace and bracket layers: technically not master layers, but still relevant. Should they be included or excluded?

For my specific case of filtering things based on a glyph’s paths/components, it should update when I look at a filter and I should not have to run a script every time I want to filter.

For the brace/brackets, yes that should be included too to because those things change and should not have to run a script every time.

Hi the filter for components is still working on every master, as I explained above it does not need to do that.

Bump again.

Took a while. Thanks for the reminder.