Has Glyphs stopped flagging incompatible masters?

I’m just correcting some interpolated characters that were not flagged as being incompatible (between 2 masters). I have found this to be 100% reliable until this recent update and relied upon it. I am using v2.6.1 (build 1204).

Has anyone else noticed this?

EDIT In my case the “first node” was different in masters yet they were not flagged as being incompatible.

Do you have any instances that do interpolate? If not, either add some or add the Enforce Compatibility Check custom parameter in Font Info > Font.

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All instances were interpolating, but half a dozen or so had their first nodes different by one position in their sequence. The coloured warning sign did not appear on these glyphs in the ‘view all glyphs’ section or on the individual glyph in edit mode.

I will take on board what you advise and apply it to all future glyph files. Thank you, Georg.

If they are interpolating but the start point is “wrong” then they are technically compatible. And you are sure an older version did flag it as not compatible. Can you send me the file?