Have I used good practice in drawing this serif, please?

This works fine for the curve, yes. I would check other things, though: make sure that smooth nodes are smooth (your leftmost node, for instance). Double-click nodes to make them smooth. Also, do you really need the node on the right at the baseline? Do you have overlapping shapes?

Thank you for the swift, helpful reply. (Yes there is an overlap. )

Have a look at corner components: Reusing shapes: corner components | Glyphs

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Not quite. You should select both the left-most and left-bottom nodes and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. This will turn the little triangle and square green, meaning that they have been converted into continuous nodes. Then you should balance the two handles to have approximately equal lengths. If you install the ‘mekkablue’ scripts, there is one called ‘Tunnify’ included that will do this on your selected paths. I would also move the starting point to the left-bottom node as this is what Glyphs would do automatically if you run the ‘Correct Path Direction’ function.

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