Having issues with kerning copying to lowercase letters

I’ve run into this issue about a year ago. I’m designing an uppercase only typeface, therefore I want my lowercase letters to be the same as my uppercase. Rereading through a handful of forum posts on this subject, I’m still not resolving the issue.

I used the method your team suggests (A=a B=B…) in order to copy the “lowercase” letters in, which works very smoothly. However, the kerning didn’t apply to the lowercase letters. I set my kerning groups for the uppercase letters, and the new lowercase letters display for a, that A and A are the left and right kerning groups, etc. But they don’t seem to be doing anything. I’ve run the “set Kerning Groups.py” script, and compressed all of my kerning in the kerning window, but still no luck. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. To run a script, isn’t it simply copying the information from that document, pasting it into the macro panel, and clicking “run”? Am I supposed to be highlighting the letters along the way or something?

Previously I’ve just gone through the trouble of re-kerning the lowercase pairs, as trying to troubleshoot seems to give me more of a headache, but I’d like to finally figure out the right way.

This should do. Can you send us the .glyphs file to support (at) (this domain)?

No, simply run it from the Script menu, provided it is properly installed. Some

Some scripts respect your selection, some don’t. See the description of the script in the readme.

Thanks for the response, I just sent it over. (assuming ‘this domain’ didn’t include “forum”)

I received your file. The problem is simple. Look into Window > Kerning:

You compressed once, which turned the kerning exceptions of the left side into groups, IOW, you turned exception-exception pairs into group-exception pairs. You need to select all and compress a second time to turn group-exception pairs into group-group pairs:

See the difference?
After that, IU suggest you look for and get rid of the remaining exceptions. There are a few floating around.

Hahaha that was very simple, thanks a ton for helping! Each time I’ve done this, I’ve only compressed once. It never occurred to me to compress a second time. So easy haha. Are the exceptions you are suggesting to remove, the things that have crazy numbers such as “4A78875F-80F4-4ED1-A568-A9B85E7F3373”?

Ah, and lastly, if I kern things moving forward such as how capital letters interact with dashes and things like that, will that automatically apply to lowercase letters, or do I need to once again “compress” at the end?

You also can try the 2.5 beta. It supports double encoding. So you can add the Unicodes of the lowercase to the uppercase. So you don’t need the lowercase/components/classes.

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