Having issues with preferredFamilyNames

Hi there,

I’ve made the transition from Glyphs 2 to 3 only a few weeks ago, and re-exporting one of my families has caused issues.

The family has 3 styles (sans serif & grot) and many optical sizes, and I used prefferedFamilyName and Subname to make it display properly (with the optical sizes separated) in indesign.

Using the original files I made in Glyphs2, and re-exporting the fonts now classifies the fonts using the generic family name, which had to be shortened not to be too long, so is not corresponding to the typeface’s name.

Trying to debug it, I can’t even find the prefferedFamilyName function in the instances panel.

What do I need to change in my files? Or is it an issue with Glyphs 3?

Thanks in advance!

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Of course, how can I do that privately?

Send it in a private message in the forum or as email to support at this domain.

Did you get a chance to check the files I sent? WOuld love to find how I can do this :slight_smile:

I got you file. The problem is that those prefferedSub/FamilyName are not custom parameters any more. But Glyphs 3 was not importing them correctly from older files. The latest cutting edge version (3.0.2-3050) will load them correctly.

Ok, thanks a lot! I’ll check again with the latest version!