Having trouble installing Word-O-Mat Plugin

Hi, after seeing all of the previous posts on Word o mat issues I can’t seem to find what I’m running into.

When I open the plugin, I get a prompt to install. I hit install, and then I get the “this developer can’t be verified” message, I go into security and privacy, hit “open anyway,” Glyphs queues me to install the plugin, and then nothing happens. It’s not installed.

After trying a few different order of operations for approving the developing and installing the plugin and quitting the app, I’ve gotten it to show up in the plugins list. But when I go to “word-o-mat” in the edit menu, no window shows up.

I haven’t tried reinstalling everything yet, because I’d like that to be my last resort.

On macOS Catalina, you need to install the plugin through the plugin manager.

AH. Whoops. Thank you.

I’m a bit confused, because I was able to reinstall RMX tools without the plugin manager.

That might depend on when you downloaded the plugin. If it was before you installed macOS Catalina, it has no quarantine bit set.