Having trouble with diacritics

I’ve watched several videos and looked at documentation. Setting up diacritics seems like it should be easy. I’m don’t get the expected results.

For a small example, I have the following glyphs created:

  1. ‘a’
  2. ‘aacute’
  3. ‘acute’
  4. ‘acutecomb’

I have deleted these several times so I can’t remember my steps exactly. But, when I create the ‘aacute’ glyph, it does give me an ‘a’ with an accent above it. It seems to be getting the accent from ‘acutecomb’, but the anchor doesn’t work. The anchor is centered in ‘acutecomb’, and the anchor is centered in ‘a’. In ‘aacute’, the acute is not centered. It is over to the left. I can select both components and center them, but that seems to defeat the idea of the anchors. I’m not sure it is really using the anchors. I have deleted anchors and added them back. I can’t get them to respond. If I try setting anchors on ‘acute’, nothing happens. If I manually set an anchor on ‘acute’, the ‘aacute’ seems to ignore it. I’m stuck at this point. Not sure how to move forward.

I finally solved it. I had disabled automatic alignment. Once I allowed automatic alignment, things started to make sense.

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