Hebrew Diacritics [resolved]

Hi there! Really enjoying working Glyphs!

I’m working on a Hebrew font and am curious about diacritics. I’ve set anchors on the base anchors, which are at top left, top, bottom left and bottom. What I’m confused about is that there are no corresponding diacritics at the bottom left and top anchors.

Of the diacritics, these three are all designated as _topleft:

Should one of these be designated with a _top anchor instead? I have used Glyphs automatic anchor generation for these as well as the base consonants.

Thanks ahead of time.


There are Hebrew diacritics that attach to bottomleft and top. They’re Hebrew cantillation marks, mainly used in liturgical texts.

Though not listed in the Glyphs 2 Font View left sidebar, they can be added and found in Window > Glyph Info. There will be a Hebrew > Cantillation and Extras section in that left sidebar in Glyphs 3.

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Thank you! I sent my file to Yanek Iontef and he helped me sort it all out.