Hebrew numbers in browsers


im creating a hebrew font according to latin. Latin has numbers and i created a hebrew number set as well. It works in Indesign but i have troubles displaying hebrew numbers in browsers. In firefox i found a workarround: font-language-override. Anyone has experience or tips with hebrew numbers in different browsers? Thanks for your help!

I guess i am the only one with this kind of problm : )

Do you switch the numbers in the locl feature?

What do you mean with switching?

I mean you switch to different glyphs with OpenType features?

Yes, i created .loclIWR numbers. I build a stylistic set of hebrew numbers now. Maybe this will work in different browers. You have another idea?

Just for your information:

If somebody has problems with hebrew locl numbers in browsers, build a stylistic set for it and enable the stylisitc set via css. So far it works. Thanks Georg for your help anyway.

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