Heights are different on WOFF from TT

I’m setting up some icons and I’d like the final font to be square. When I use UPM of 1024 in Glyphs2 and set my font size to be 8em I get a final WOFF and TT font that says 128x154. But using Glyphs Mini and the same settings I get a 128x154 TT and 128x128 WOFF. Which is ‘right’ and where does that extra height come from?

That depends on the OS and app you use it in and your settings, in this case the CSS you are using.

this depends on the vertical metrics settings. The defaults are to add 20% to the vertical spacing to make the lines fit. In your case, you need to overwrite this: https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/vertical-metrics

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Thanks Georg! I followed the instructions in the article for the Webfont strategy and compared a default (no custom params) vs. square (with my custom params). Works great!! Thanks for all the great articles too.