Help cannot install and work with scripts and plugins

Hello !

I’ve never used any plugins or scripts before, and I’m trying now to install some of them, like the reporter toggler or a script like tunnify. I don’t know if I did the installation in the good way, but now I can see the scripts in the menu, but none of them work, same for the plugin reporter toggler, it seems to be installed because i can see it in the preferences>extensions window but I cannot see it in the panel.
Also, when i try to install modules, there is an error saying “no server with the specified hostname could be found”.
Any advices ?
thanks a lot !


I was also unable to install my old scripts and plug in in Glyphs 3. The don’t show in the dropdown menus.
however, installing ShowAngledHandles from the plugInManager, worked fine.

Which Scripts are you trying to install? Perhaps I can add them to the plug-in manager.

Have you read the Extending Glyphs tutorial?

I updated Glyphs and all is fine! Thanks!