Help me about weight design (I'm not talking about multiple master)

Hi guys!

I’m trying to create some glyphs.
It always does not well…
How you create Bolder or Thinner weight design? Is there are some rules or anything?
I am researching a lot but I do not have a place to learn.
It will be helpful if you tell me how you are doing or please let me know recommended books or sites if you know.

Thanks you.

Which languages do you speak/read? There are some books. I can recommend some in German and Spanish.

Best would probably be to take a workshop. Take a look at Blog > Events on this website.

Hi mekkablue

Thank you for your comment!
I can speak/read English+Japanese and live in Japan now…
But I would appreciate it if you tell me about those books.

It seems that there are few books written on how to make bold. One reference I know is Creative Lettering Today by Michael Harvey. It’s a great book overall, not just for digital type design.


In English, I recommend:

And if you have access to Donald Young books, that may be worth taking a peek into as well.

Generally, the opposite of what you are drawing is what you have to pay more attention to, i.e., when you draw a very heavy typeface, pay special attention that the white gaps between the dark black areas stay perceptually the same. OTOH, if you are drawing a very light typeface, make sure the thin black strokes appear the same. A few units difference are already quite a big percentage. Hope this makes sense to you.


thanks for the mention! The English version will be presented the next 1st of June at St. Bride in London. After that day it will be able to purchase it via Amazon


Hi Tosche

Thanks for quick reply.
That sounds pretty nice! I’m gonna get it.

Thank you so helpful!


wow I’m interested in these books.
Thank you very much for your reference.
It is a very valuable for me.

Thank you for everything!

@mekkablue @Tosche @Laura_Meseguer

I’m so grateful for what you’ve done and given me some advice.
Many Thanks!

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