Help on Guten Tag

I write 2 same code one with tag and one with class
$tag didnt work! but when put tag in class and then use class it work!
It means I need always put $tag in class and then use it?

All this code didnt work

You need to wrap the token in square brackets, like so:

sub @Numbers [asterisk asterisk-ar]' @Numbers by multiply-ar;
sub [$["number" in tags]] [asterisk asterisk-ar]' [$["number" in tags]] by multiply-ar;

This might feel strange, but it is helpful when you want to have a class with the glyphs from a token and some manual tokens, like so:

sub [$["test" in tags] plus minus] by ...;


@SomeClass = [$["test" in tags] plus minus];

Here, the class would be every glyph matched by the token (every glyph with the tag “test”) and the glyphs plus and minus.

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Great @FlorianPircher