Help with alignment zones please

After quite a lot of fiddling, I’ve found something weird here.

This font doesn’t contain Latin, only Lao. So I had set the body height alignment zone like this:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 22.09.07

As you see, it’s a custom name with a script filter.

This was giving incorrect results. Here’s a screenshot from Acrobat Reader at 10pt, where you see the letters with overshoot are a bit higher than the others, although the zones are definitely set correctly:

When I change that body height alignment zone to simply x-height, with no script filter, things snap into place correctly (everything becomes taller):

So now I am not sure whether that’s a bug in the way script-specific alignment zones are compiled, or if not, how are they supposed to work?

Zones with filters are not exported. They are for now only used as design guides. Otherwise the number of zones would quickly be too big.

Oh! Well that explains that :slight_smile:

When it’s implemented, will it allow different alignment zones per script, so that there aren’t too many zones overall?

I believe this is only possible in CFF2 fonts, so exporting zone filters will be part of that.


After researching was told, that zones with filters are not yet exported.
I found out, that those kind of zones are only supported in fonts with CFF2 tables :slight_smile:
Glyphs just has this feature implemented already :slight_smile:

Edit: read the whole thread and don’t answer after just reading the initial post.