Help with import from Illustrator CS5

I’m totally new to Glyphs Mini, which I just purchased, as I want to convert some vector graphic from Illustrator to Glyphs, so I can create a custom webfont with icons.

Can I somehow easily copy every icon in Illustrator (which all is the same height) into a predefined size in Glypths?

If I copy it in, its just very small, and if I try to get them all to we in the right size, no one is perfect. And to do it perfect would take ages… Is it possible to do such things in a smart way?

Please have a look at the manual that is available here on page 19.


I can get most to work but sometimes s circle would be filled out and sometimes not. Is there a simple solution for such things?

Whether a path is filled or not depends on two things:
a. it must be closed
b. it must adhere to the lefthand rule

The lefthand rule specifies that if you follow the path in the path direction (indicated by the blue or green arrowhead on the first node), the fill color is on the left side of the path. Thus, paths must be counter-clockwise, except for counters that must go clockwise. You can doubleclick a path and rightclick it to change its direction.

Or you can let Glyphs do the job automatically for you by selecting Correct Path Direction from the Layers menu (gets it right 99.9% of the time). This works for many paths at once, complete glyphs, or even multiple glyphs.

I am having a similar problem with some lowercase letters b,g,p,q the counters are solid when I export from glyphs mini. I have checked them for the lefthand rule, and tried the correct path direction . If I use the typeface in adobe illustrator and create outlines from the typeface the counters appear! Here is a link to the typface file and my glyphs mini file…

please help!

awasem I just figured this out, the weird thing is the letters in which I was having a problem with (b,g,p,q) actually had to be the reverse of the left-hand rule to properly work, although the lowercase d had to the way you suggested… counters clockwise and outside paths counter-clockwise…

awasem Found another problem, with the b,g,p,q i used the reverse of the lefthand rule, but also had to un-check “remove overlap” during export and the counters work as they should

The counters in b, q, p and d adhere to the lefthand rule (counters go clockwise, other paths counterclockwise) and display just nicely for me.

The only thing I recommend in your case is that you tidy up the paths (menu command: Layers > Tidy Up Paths) and set extremes (Layers > Add Extremes). If you’re in doubt, just use Layers > Correct Path Directions.

You need to add extreme points to the counters. I will check why is is not working like this.

If you do Flatten Transparency in illustrator then copy the letter to Glyphs, it will get rid of the fill in the letter.