Help with Kerning?

Hello, sorry this is completely basic, but I have no idea how to setup any form of kerning.

Could someone provide me with a basic guide (click here, press that - sort of thing), so I can get started?

I’ve got my typeface designed and basic spacing sorted, I just need to specify some kerning.

Thank you

I am also almost completely new to kerning, and feel like I am doing more harm than good to my font.

Is there a tutorial about kerning online? I only found this video about the basic features, and a tiny bit is about kerning, perhaps this helps:

I kerned around a bit today without much knowledge about what I was doing, and things looked great, until I somehow messed my font up after I discovered Kerning groups.

If you find any tutorials for Glyphs, please post them here :wink:

Hello Visuwyg,

Does this mean you know how to setup a kerning pair in Glyphs?

If so, can you let me know how to do it please?

I don’t need help with kerning as an ‘art form’ or the ‘philosophy’ of kerning. I just don’t know what buttons to press in the software.

Thank you.

Skip to 5:55 in the video above. There is a small part about kerning.

Basically, type two (or more) Letters you want to kern (for example “AV”) in Type Mode (doubleclick a random glyph to enter edut mode, then press “T” to enter type mode).

Put the cursor in front of the Glyph you want to adjust. The kerning can be changed via keyboard shortcuts (seen in the video) or via the little grey window at the bottom.

In the lower line you should see the fields “K: G: G: K:” - these are used to kern. The left K: is for the kerning between the active Glyph and its left neighbour, and vice versa.

The G: can be used to assign different Kerning Groups for the left and right side. You can group several glyphs with the same characteristics together in one Group to save yourself some repeticious work. (I selected the glyphs in the Overview Screen, and assigned a name via right-click.)

The Kerning Pairs are displayed (but not editable) in the Kerning window. But I don’t understand what that window is all about. To me, it just displays strange gibberish ^^

But please take everything I said with a grain of salt, because currently my font does not get exported with the proper kerning. Most likely I screwed it up somewhere.

Hello Visuwyg,

Thank you so much, that was exactly the information I needed.

You’re welcome! I was struggling with this at first, too.

I hope someone will write an extensive guide about using Glyphs someday.
(You know, someone who actually knows what he is doing, unlike me ^^)