Hide mark cloud

I don’t like the mark cloud and never want to see a bunch of overlapping grey marks at any point in my design process, and I’m assuming that you don’t want to add ‘show/hide mark cloud’ as an option in the main view menu.

I had a look in the documentation to try and figure out how to hide the mark cloud, but couldn’t find anything. What do I need to add to a plugin to make sure it’s not visible when a) clicking on an anchor and b) also when the spacebar is pressed to preview?


I added a user default for this. In the next version (1115) you can do: Glyphs.defaults["drawShadowAccents"] = False in the macro window and never see them again.

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Thank you :grin:

Awesome that you keep us to have a choice, @GeorgSeifert I find the cloud particularly useful in many cases :slight_smile:


I tried this, but it is still there.
Glyphs.defaults["drawShadowAccents"] = False
Is this possible for Hangul to hide these as well?

Are you sure this is the mark cloud?

Is this a Hangul glyph?

Yes, it is a Hangul Glyph. I am not sure if it is mark cloud.
But it would be nice if I could turn off those cloud.

I wonder what it is. If you did not click on an anchor, it cannot be the mark cloud. And I see no anchor. Can you show me a screenshot of your View menu?

This has to do with the Hangul Groups setup. I’ll add an option.

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Is there an option for Hangul?
How could I access it?

I just added an option to the Hangul composition window.

Now i see the option and works very well. Thanks :slight_smile: