Hide Node names


Is there a way to hide node’s name? Like in view menu? They are very offensive.

I need to identify nodes and decided to set unique names. If there is a better way I would like to know it :slight_smile:


Nodes have a ‘userdata’ property. Stick your ID in there.

Yes, but accessing them requires additional loop. I decided to use shorter names :slight_smile: as they have to be unique only within a path.

What do you mean by additional loop?

Nothing. You are right. Thanks for pointing it out :smiley:

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Sorry to revive an old post but the title is accurate.
Is there a way to visually hide (not deleted or removed) the name of node by toggling visibility?

It could be useful option to have under View → Show Nodes → Node Names.

Otherwise, is there a hack-y way to go about it by reducing the font size or changing the opacity?

There is no hack to do that. But incidentally the file I’m working with right now has node names that are in the way :wink:

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