Hide vertical metrics based on the current script

I think I cannot be alone with this request. I wish there was an opportunity to hide the default (Latin) vertical metrics when working on other scripts. A simple way to access them vie code would be enough for me wich I can add in a reporter plugin. Those Metrics and Alignment Zones from other scripts are really annoying once you work with multiple script fonts. Especially if the metrics are only slightly different.

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I’m thinking about that already. Have a bit patience.

I’ll have all the patience of the world. Just needed to know if there will be any progress :slight_smile:
The custom zones plugin is ready to be distributed, and I don’t want to bother the users with too many updates right at the start.

For a quick solution you can disable metrics, and display your own with a simple reporter.

Ah, you mean the built-in hide/show metrics? okay, that might help so far. I’ll redraw the other metrics then. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, View > Show Metrics or Cmd-Shift-M.

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Works for the moment, thanks!