Highlight is off first time making a typeface using uppercase glyphs in the lowercase area

Hey All,

Trying to figure out why the highlight is off on my typeface.

Attached an image of the woff font on my site so you can see the extra space in the highlight as well as the lineheight issue I’m having in illustrator


Also please let me know if I’m setting this up correctly, or if my sizing is bad etc

I was wondering about this recently too. I just ran a quick test and it turns out Firefox, Safari and Chrome all use the WinAscent and WinDescent values in the font for selection highlighting.

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I actually updated and recompiled the features and re-exported and things seem to be working now. Not sure about the line-height issue still but the highlight box is good to go.

Try adding the following custom parameter to your all of your masters:

typoLineGap with a value of 0

Illustrator: what is wrong with the line height? I suppose you mean the distance between the two baselines?