Hinting at the baseline

Top is from Illustrator, bottom is a zoom of windows font preview.

Can anyone help me with this issue? At SOME sizes, the straight bases of my characters aren’t perfectly aligned to the baseline. Also, glyphs with the same basic construction are treated differently. Note the word “brown”

The only think I can think of without looking at the actual outlines it that the path direction is wrong. And you have read this: http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/what-you-need-to-know-about-autohinting

Did you set the alignment zones and the stems properly?
And if the autohinter fails, you can set hints manually:

Yes, the zones are set precisely. I’m using components for serifs. Could that be the isuse?
Here’s a sample .glyphs file.


Also, I set the UPM to 1100 because it was rendering larger than desired. Could that affect the point values?

The manual hints are not good, the stem values are not good either. Please read the section about hinting in the handbook.

  1. remove all hints
  2. remove all your stems
  3. set your stems to V: 90, H: 80
  4. remove one top alignment zone, preferably the one at 523
  5. export with autohinting

You added some hints but there are no hints at the bottom of the stems.

What happens if you remove all hints and activate auto hinting.

Thank you, I’ve reset my stems and it looks better.
For some reason I thought it was better to set more stem weights, in order to account for the optically adjusted ones that didn’t match the common ones.

The 523 alignment zone was generated when I clicked the gray icon. Thought it was odd.