Hinting / AutoHinting

hey guys,

Is there a possibility to make the “auto-hinting” before exporting the font; like “Auto-Hint these glyphs now”? Now I do it manually…

and another question: Will the “auto-hinting” (while exporting) also hint the stems that ar still not hinted in a glyph (f.e. I hint all vertical stems in o, not the horizontal… will glyphs make the rest?)

thank you

Why would you like to run the autohinter before the export?

And if there is any hint in the glyph, it will not autohint.

I using hints to meassure stemps…

You should use the measurement tool for that. Press cmd+opt+ctrl and drag over the outline.

yes, i know about it,

but for me it is a comfortable way to
measure/change it in “live-view”. (a problem we talk about some posts ago…)

You can set a guideline to measurement mode. Activate it and click the option in the grey info box.

I have the need to autohint before export so that I can check through the autohint results and make manual adjustments.

Otherwise I have to export, then reimport to view hints, losing components in the process and adding all that extra work just to make hinting adjustments.

You can trigger the autohinter from the context menu, if you really need to see the hints beforehand.

But I would not recommend that. Better set the font-wide hints, as discussed in the handbook and the tutorial, export with the autohinting on, and look at the rendering result in Adobe InDesign (best with the Adobe Fonts folder), then manually hint only the glyphs that are not rendered as expected.

I also use hints to read stem values all the time, it is just faster. I need those hints anyway. Using guidelines or a measurements tool seems like a waste of time to me.
Thom built us something to see those hints in all masters :+1: