Hinting not working on corner components

Hi – When using corner serifs, I’m getting ghost hints as if the hinting mechanism doesn’t see the serif. Also can’t add them manually, as selecting the serif and adding a hint gives no result. (Should look like the second image).

It seems that running the autohinter in edit view will do that. I’ll have a look. You are supposed to be able to add the hints in the _corners. But I need to check that, too.

And why do you like to manually hint this glyph?

Thanks, Georg. I did try adding the hint to the actual corner, but it doesn’t show on the letter itself (unless it only appears on export.) I’m automatically hinting everything in the Font view, then going through and checking/tidying up, which is when I saw the missing hints.

I would strongly suggest not to add manually hints unless you find a problem with the autohinting. For Postscript outlines, the autohinter is very good and rarely needs adjustments. So you can save a lot time.

Thanks, Georg. If I export then open the font file, I can see the ‘auto hint on export’ does catch more serifs, but not all by any means. Problem is there is no way to fix this other than 1) Decompose all the serifs first 2) Open and fix the exported files.

Can you send me the file? I wonder why it would miss some hints or where they get lost.

Sure. In the send I decomposed all the serif components. Not ideal, but had to get on…

I also find it adds many unnecessary hints on more complex characters, which throws the outlines.

I recommend not having any PS hints manually set. Set up the font-wide hints (stems and zones), and export with the autohinting option in the export dialog, and test in InDesign. Only add manual hints in glyphs where it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

(Now I have a déjà-vu. I think we had this discussion once in person, right? :sweat_smile: sorry for being repetitive in that case.)

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I fixed the decomposition of hints from corners.

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Belated thank you!