Hinting problem (Edge)

I have a hinting problem with a new typeface, the numbers are “jumping” way too much. The font has Auto Hinting in Glyphs. The problem seems to be worst in Windows Edge browsers.
Please look at the attached images. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Can you check your vertical metrics settings and path direction of the numbers?

Hi Georg,
I’m not sure how to check that thoroughly, can I send the file to you?

Path direction is discussed in the Drawing Good Paths tutorial. All paths ccw, except for counters which go cw.

Vertical Metrics: double check winAscent and winDescent and if they are at relevant heights, you can add Windows Compatibility in your TTF Autohint Options. The setting adds alignment zones at the win metrics.

Which TTF Autohint Options are you using?

Thanks. Where do I find the TTF Autohint Options?

Custom parameter in an instance in Font Info > Exports. With the right settings, you get these.

In the file I received, the vertical metrics were not explicitly set, so they were auto calculated at export. The paths were fine except for a few extremums (take a look at you handles in the zero). It did not make a difference for the issue at hand. All I needed to do was add proper TTF Autohint Options:

Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 10.34.47

I sent you the file back with suggested settings for the Autohint settings.

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Thank you so much! Really helpful and thanks for the effort :slight_smile: