Hints are exported randomly

I have a font with manuel hints, when I open the exported .otf-font with glyphs, many hints are missing. I can’t find a system; in some glyphs the horizontal hints are missing, in some the vertical, in some one vertical hint is exportet the other one not, or two horizontall hints are, one horizontal hint is not, and in some glyphs no hint at all is exported.

Some component-glyphs export all hints and others don’t: cacute, ccaron and ccedilla have all hints, cdotaccent: one vertical hint is missing.
S: horizontal hints are missing, Sacute, Scaron, Scedilla, Scommaaccent: all hints are exported.
Remove overlap is activated on export, autohint is not. I just tried an export with autohint and even there are some hints missing. Correct stems are applied in Font info/Master.
Decomposing components and removing overlap doesn’t help either, or not in every case.
(Glyphs 1274)

I would not trust the import. Please verify the hints in OTMaster of ttx.

Could you send me the .glyphs file and the .otf file?

Are on the way to info (at)…