Horizontal Metrics: Fix the Value of Side Bearings

Dear community, I have a question: If I have set the right side bearing for a character to 90, for example, and now reduce the character width by 10 units, the right side bearing is now 100 units. Is there any way to keep the side bearings when making adjustments to the design? Thanks for your help!

If want to keep the side bearing can use a sintax lke this.
=90 and de SB still on this value.

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Oh, it’s that easy! Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you have more than one master the value =90 is applied to all masters.
If you need to apply another value to second master the syntax began with == followed for the value of SB like ==30

Or use reference to another glyph by using metrics keys.

https://cdn2.glyphsapp.com/media/pages/learn/f84e457b88-1639830290/glyphs-3.0.4-handbook.pdf section 10.1.3