Horizontal shift between path and component

one of the features i spend the most time working around is the automatic horizontal shifting of components relative to paths when the spacing of the original glyph is changed. if a glyph is made up of paths and components, and you change the spacing of the component, the horizontal space relation between them shifts.

yes, you could make them fully component based and connect with anchors: BUT WHY?! so incredibly labour-some and completely unnecessary? is there any situation ever(!?) where you would actually want a component to move relative to a path like that?

the fact that they’re a combination of paths and component should just automatically lock them together, when would you ever want something else to happen?

sorry for the tone of this post, but this anger has built up over years. i can’t imagine how many hours i’ve spent working around this

why not abolish this bug altogether, or at least make it easy to avoid?

There was a thread about that some days ago. We are thinking about a solution.