How can I assign a shortcut to the "Add Guideline" Command

use guidelines a lot and I usually invoke a guideline with a right click + Add Guideline. It gets a bit tedious after a while. Do you know a way to add a guideline with a keyboard shortcut + a click at the desired location, like, for example, Shift+Alt+Left Click. A shortcut that places a vertical Guideline in the middle at the active window would also be suitable.

Thank you in advance.

You can write a script and assign a shortcut. Or maybe try the Guidelines scripts in my GitHub repository:

What are you trying to achieve with so many guidelines?

Thank you, I will check the repository.

I’m using guidelines as a “scaffold” to adjust glyphs, like when i need to keep strokes parallel, check if all serifs are the same dimensions, when I need to extend elements proportionally, and so on.
I’m also using them like a rotation gizmo - i draw e rectangle and rotate it to the desired degree, line a guideline to the desired angle and delete the rectangle. Like when, say, I create a bolder version of the letter K and need to keep the angles between the elements the same.
I also open corners to prolong lines.

You can re-use guidelines too, you know. And double clicking a guideline knob rotates it 90°.

You do not need to set a guideline for that. Glyphs displays temporary guidelines, also for straight lines at any angle.

And are you aware of the Open Corner command from the contextual menu when one corner node is selected?

Thank you.

I also want to be able to reflect objects by pressing the “F5” key instead of going to the Transformations palette. Is this possible?

With a Python script, yes. There are tutorials (search for Python) which describe how you name and where you have to save a script for Glyphs. Do you know some Python?

No, I don’t know Python.

If you want to learn Python for automation of tasks, this should get you started:

Otherwise it is easier to just push the button. Perhaps a Watch Me Do Action in Automator can help you.

Or perhaps there is another solution that would work for your project. What do you need the mirroring shortcut for?

Thank you mekkablue, I’ll look at Python scripting when I can.

I use the mirroring for various purposes, it’s not just one thing.

Maybe this is obvious, but guidelines can be copied and pasted too, so if you already have one present, a quick Cmd-C Cmd-V is a pretty quick way to produce another one.