How can I copy vertical kerning classes?

I have vertically and horizontally kerned fonts and I want to copy some of those classes and values to a new file. So I copied selected glyphs and pasted “All data” in the new file, but it seems that the vertical kerning classes weren’t pasted. What am I missing here?

Glyphs 2.6.7 (1355)

That is probably best done with a script. Will take a look and see if we can add the functionality to one of the mekkablue scripts.

Thanks. Hope to use the script soon.

But can I get some short script that I can use right away, if it’s possible?

Hi @YejinWe, I updated @mekkablue’s script that copies kerning from one opened glyphs file to another.

to install it on your version of Glyphs (2.6.7):

  1. download this repository’s ( Glyphs-Scripts ) content by clicking on “code” button and choose “download zip

  2. unpack this zip into this location ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/ and rename the unzipped folder to Glyphs-Script

  3. restart GlyphsApp

In order to run the script:

In the main top menu in GlyphsApp go to Script > Glyphs-Scripts > kerning > Steal Kerning Groups from the font. Click on it.

This window should appear:

The usability of this is rather straight forward: you have to have two font files opened in glyphs app in order to transfer the groups.
If you will have any question don’t hesitate and ask :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much. This works!