How can I delete “Localized Family Names”?

It seems to be impossible to remove them:

Another small issue: After adding Localized Family Names to an export via copy & paste, the sidebar does not update.

Holding ⌥ option changes the + to −.

Thanks! Rather well-hidden, isn’t it?

Just searched the PDF handbook for “⌥” to find more such hidden features but it seems to be using a mix of “⌥”, “Opt-”, “Option key” and “Option”, which makes things a little difficult.

Agreed! I was going to report the same “bug” before finding out.

You can also select a row in Font Info and delete it by pressing ⌘⌫.

In the Handbook, keys are spelled out when alone and abbreviated as shortcuts. E.g. “Command-click to add …” and “press Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-Shift-M to …”. (The symbols ⌃⌥⇧⌘ are almost never used except for the Spacing & Kerning chapter where they are written in addition to the normal shortcuts as a visual aid.)

General information is written at the beginning of chapters and sections. In this example, at the beginning of the Font Info chapter: