How can I hatch the whole area of the form?

I’m trying to use the hatch filter on outlines. Now I’m wondering why the filter only affects the shape at the top left in some of the glyphs. How can I hatch the whole area of ​​the form?

Can you add a negative number in the second “Ursprung” field.

Yes, I can but the result is nearly the same.
What is strange is that it works on the Regular layer. Should I maybe send you the file?

Yes. I’ll have a look.

I hope you received my mail, I had some trouble with it.

I found a solution. The form in the background was the problem. After deleting and copying the path from another layer the filter works properly now.

The idea is that you keep the original outline in the background and call the hatch filter. If you later need to change the shape, do so on the shape in the background and run the filter again.