How Can I Reuse a Metric and kerning?

Hello House, Please how can i export Metrics and Kerning from already finished font file, to new fresh file? because i saw in export dialogue is possible… but should I import it as Metrics or Features ? How Can I Reuse a Metric and kerning ? the importing dialogue is confusing to me. please i need some help. thanks

There are several options. You could use “Paste Special”, or exporting/import a .metrics file.

thanks @GeorgSeifert. i tried import one. but when i check the font in Indesign, the Kerning are different. the imported kerning is shorter in lines of text, than the main one font that i imported the Metrics and kerning. please how can fix?.
is three masters file, i want to re-use the kerning. thanks

The easiest to sync the kerning is to open the kerning panel, select all in the master with the kerning you like to reuse. Then copy, switch to another master (remove any kerning if there is any) and paste.

@GeorgSeifert, it works as you said, but please what is the second option “Paste Special”. thanks very much.

Hold down the Opt key and open the Edit menu. You’ll see that Paste turned into Paste Special.

wow thanks @mekkablue it works like magic. thanks very much.

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