How do I export my webfont WITHOUT numbers?

At this moment, my only true wish is to export my font to webfont ( rathest woff. format), without including numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,).
Possibly also without the default punctuation, that follows.

So far, all my attempts have led to export including numbers. It seems to be a default, but I have been unable to change that default-setting. Maybe I’m stupid, and the answer is obvious. But I chose to ask here.


There are two custom parameters for that purpose, Remove Glyphs and Keep Glyphs.

So far i found Glyphs>Preferences>User Settings> Keep Glyphs names from imported file.
I also found File>Font info>Other settings> Keep Alternates next to base glyph.
But neither seems to be the way around it.
Where do I access Remove Glyphs and Keep Glyphs?

No. Add a custom parameter in the instance. The name should be Remove Glyphs and the value a list of glyph names you like to remove. In this case it might be a good idea to duplicate the instances.

For details, have a look at the Handbook.

File > Font Info > Instances > choose your instance in the sidebar > Custom Parameters > [+]

Read what is a custom parameter:
All parameters are explained in detail in the Appendix section of the Glyphs Handbook.