How do I export OT-features?

Hello, I notice that I can IMPORT features, but how do I export them? I have tried to copy/paste, but very strange I get a error-notice:

I have checked the other font, and the content is 100% the same!

Most likely or are missing or deactivated in the other font. In the tutorial Georg posted, read about the problems of makeotf error messages

Thank you! I find the problem: A small extra character hidden with the suffix.001 … ;-(

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Do you know which one it was? Perhaps you can analyze with UnicodeChecker’s tool window (Cmd-2) and let us know. And we’ll see what we can do about it.

Hello Georg & Rainer,

Going back to @Rostgaard’s original question, is there a way to export only the feature code to a ‘.fea’ file such that, when imported back, it can retain all the meta(?) information (i.e. prefix entry names)?

I tried using the .fea file from the Open Scripts Folder>Temp folder and while it maintains all the feature tag information it adds a ‘Prefix’ entry under PREFIX which includes the name table and GDEF table info in addition to any feature code. Also, there are cases where additional classes have been added.

I’ve been using the copy/paste method but it has the possibility of introducing human error when dealing with large projects.

Additionally, we should also be thinking about exporting instance-specific feature code information (where applicable) when trying to export a .fea file. This is probably a secondary concern non-the-less affected by the same human error, copy/paste problem.

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That is the feature code, in the Temp folder. You may want to differentiate between the stripped down preview exports and the actual exports. The only other classes that should be there are kerning classes.

What do you want to export it for? For another .glyphs file? Then you can also just copy and paste all the sidebar entries in Font Info > Features.