How do I intersect two shapes?

I would like to intersect two shapes, how can I do it?
The remove overlap function merges the shapes, I would like to cut the shapes.
How can I do it?

If you like to build a letter like an “O”, the inner path needs to have a different path directions than the outer one. Try “Layer > Correct Path Directions”.

If you like to cut a bit out of a shape, this is only possible with a trick. Add a big rectangle that covers all your paths. Reverse its path direction and then remove overlap. You might need to try different combination of path direction until it does what you need. Afterwards, delete the enclosing rectangle.

I see… I was able to make it… but it is hard.
Probably with the fit curve tool I will be able to create “crescent moon” like shapes.

Is it possible to use this same trick on two component glyphs?

No, you have to decompose them first.