How do i know how many words have been created

I’m designing thousand chinese words, how do i know how many words have been created?
Is there a summary?

The font view shows how many glyphs you have. If you have a lot empty ones you can make a list filter that only shows glyphs that have outlines.


I did not see this filter" shows glyphs that have outlines." I can find a similar one "path number " less or more than a value.
But, when i input different number, i will get different sumarry, which i’m afraid is not correct.
As to “customizing”, that will cause crash of the app.

You can use “Count of Paths” “greater than” “0”.

What version of Glyphs is that? and what exactly type in the text filed in the “Custom” settings?

Thanks. more than 0, haha. I get it. latest 3.0.5. 3119. It’s empty there, I tried input “outline”,etc.

the Custom field is manually write a predicate: Introduction